2020 Camping Rates

Opens May 1st to September 30th, 2020

Cash preferred, Credit card accepted with 3% charge & $10 minimum purchase

*Tax included in all prices and include 24hrs. per day stay!

Weekly & Monthly Rates:

7 day rate = 6 day cost (1 day free)
14 day rate = 11 day cost (3 days free)
21 day rate = 14 day cost (7 days free)
28 day rate = 16 day cost (12 days free)
30 day rate = 17 day cost (13 days free)

Monthly Rates

Seasonal Camping Rates

2019 Seasonal Agreement

Season starts April 24th to September 30th, 2020
Both Vacational and Full-time include 2 week vacation

“Vacational” – camping 3 days/wk. or less (83 days)
20 amp: Water = $1,699 and w/ Sewer = $2,117
30 amp: Water = $1,875 and w/ Sewer = $2,293
50 amp: Water = $1,910 and w/ Sewer = $2,328

“Full-Time” – camping over 3 days/wk., including everyday use (160 days)
20 amp: Water = $2,099 and w/ Sewer = $2,517
20 amp: River/Pond: Water = $2,235 and w/Sewer = $2,653
30 amp: Water = $2,265 and w/Sewer = $2,653
50 amp: Water = $2,300 and w/Sewer = $2,718

Pro-rating starts the first week in June (1-7).

View Pro-rating

Daily Camping Rates

  • All rates are based on 2 adults and includes one car pass.
  • No charge for children 17 & under
  • + $3 for each additional adult per camping or sleeping unit
  • Additional tents for adults on the same site are charged 1/2 the full camping rate and includes 2 adults and 1 additional vehicle 1/2 of full rate
  • + $3/day for a/c in the Summer and electric heat in the Spring/Fall.
  • + $4/day for special requests of pull-through sites.
  • **Camp 1 Day Free with your Playful Goose receipts totaling 7 days camped this year.** Not to be redeemed on holiday weekends nor combined with any other previous offer or discount.


Tent Sites Without Utilities

Tents, non-electric (Not by River)
$25Per Day - Non-holiday
  • Drinking Water faucet nearby
  • Porta Potties or Bathroom Facilities nearby
  • Electric
Tents, non-electric (River Location & Holiday Weekends)
$30Per Day
  • Drinking Water faucet nearby
  • Porta Potties or Bathroom Facilities nearby
  • Electric

Tent Sites with Minimal Electric

Tents, Minimum electric (Not by River)
$29Per Day - Non-holiday
  • Water
  • Minimum Electric (for charging cellphone, laptop, or radio)
  • A/C
Tents, Minimum electric (River Location & Holidays Weekends)
$34Per Day
  • Water
  • Minimum Electric (for charging cellphone, laptop, or radio)
  • A/C
Minimum electric tent rates are only for minimal use such as charging cellphones or inflating air mattresses. Tents using regular electric for items such as cook tops, coffee makers, hair dryers, large fans, etc. will be charged the 20 AMP rates. A/C units are not allowed for tents.

Tent & RV Sites with 20 Amp Service

20 Amp (Not by River)
$35Per Day - Non-holiday
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer
20 Amp (River Location & Holiday Weekends)
$37Per Day
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer
20 Amp - with Sewer
$45Per Day
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer

RV Sites with 30 Amp Service

30 Amp
$39Per Day
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer
30 Amp - with Sewer
$44Per Day
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer

RV Sites with 50 Amp

50 Amp
$41Per Day
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer
50 Amp - with Sewer
$46Per Day
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Sewer

Guest PolicyVisiting hours are between 9am-7pm. If guests decide to stay overnight they must re-register in the office prior to 7pm. All entrants are required to register their name and vehicle in the office and purchase a car pass. Daily car passes are $2, which is refundable under an hour stay. Guests are required to only park in the designated parking lots located throughout the campground. Guests must also respect and follow the campground rules including speed limits, curfew, and noise restrictions.
Daily Guest Charge$3.00 per person (in your unit).
Guest arrival hours: Not before 9:00am – 7:00pm.
Guest departure time: No later than dusk or 8:00pm, which-ever comes first.
Overnight Guest Charge$5.00 per person (in your unit). If guests are over 18 and put up another unit such as a car or tent, then the rate would be 1/2 of the full price. There is no registration charge for guests under 18, but office registration and car passes are still required.
Pet PolicyWe are a pet-friendly campground! The 3 rules we have are:
(1) Dogs are not to be left alone to bark.
(2) When outside, they should be leashed or under total control and not left to walk off.
(3) Poop is picked-up, placed in a plastic bag, and disposed of in your garbage container.
Minimal ElectricThis discount rate is only for tents using minimal electric for things such as charging their cellphone, the daily rate is $28, and for a minimal electric site near the river the rate is $33. The 20 amp rate applies for regular electric use such as coffee maker, fans, other appliances, etc. which is $34 daily and $36 for a river site or during holidays.
Camp 1 Day Free with your Playful Goose receipts totaling 7 days camped this year. Not to be redeemed on holiday weekends.
The swimming pool is free for registered guests. Our playgrounds, shuffleboard, and horseshoes are also provided at no charge for our guests and equipment can be picked up in our office during business hours.
Trailer RentalCurrently unavailable.
Dump StationNo charge to our registered campers. $10.00 for non-registered campers.
Check Out Time24 hours after check-in time (overtime rate $2.00/hr).
Saturday arrivals will be charged to 5:00 pm Sunday.
Storage RateTrailers – Monthly: $35.00 (pre-paid). Copy of title required. The moving fee to transfer a trailer from site to storage is $20. From storage to site costs $25 without a deck and $50 with a deck.
Boats (small) – Monthly: $17.50 (pre-paid).
Daily: $2.50 per day.
On site storage: $5.00 per day (4 day limit).
Unit must be in ready to move condition or additional charge will be added.
Weekly & Monthly Rates7 day rate = 6 days cost ( 1 day free )
14 day rate = 11 days cost ( 3 days free )
21 day rate = 14 days cost ( 7 days free )
28 day rate = 16 days cost (12 days free )
Seasonal Camping Rates
 Tax Included – This year’s season is April 24th – September 30th, 2019.
Both Vacational and Full-time seasonal rates include a 2 week vacation. Electric is metered and paid separately twice a year.
“Vacational” is camping 3 days a week or less (83 days).
• 20 amp: Water = $1,695 and w/ Sewer = $2,020
• 30 amp: Water = $1,715 and w/ Sewer = $2,040
• 50 amp: Water = $1,740 and w/ Sewer = $2,065
“Full-Time” is camping more than 3 days a week and includes everyday use (160 days).
• 20 amp: Water = $2,075 and w/ Sewer = $2,400
• 30 amp: Water = $2,095 and w/Sewer = $2,420
• 50 amp: Water = $2,120 and w/Sewer = $2,445
Group Rates
For Scouts/Leaders and other children’s groups.
Pup tents ONLY – $7.00 per person plus utilities.
Minimum charge – 1 day site fee.
10% discount for 10 units or more (w/2 day min. stay).
15% discount for 20 units or more (w/2 day min.stay).
Groups of 3 or more require a minimum deposit of $100.
Canoes & Row boats – $7/hour and $35/day. A 2 person paddle boat is also available for rent at $10/hour and $40/day. (Available during office hours only)
Swimming PoolPool opens Friday May 22nd, 2020, at 5pm. The pool opens for every day operation from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Pool hours are 9am – 8pm. After Labor Day, pool is open on weekends only through the end of the season (September 30). There is no charge for registered guests.
Pool fee for non-registered guests is $5.00 per person for 3 hours.
ReservationsReservations will be held until 8pm of arrival date, unless we are notified of a late arrival.
Deposits:Groups of 3 or more require a minimum of $100 deposit.
A $50 deposit is required on Memorial Day & Labor Day weekend for all reservations. This deposit is also required on 4th of July for 30 amp & 50 amp electric sites, non-electric & electric sites along the river, and 20 amp sites “A-M” around the main building.
There will be a $15.00 charge to cancel a deposited reservation. A percentage of the remainder can be returned to you as follows:
Refund requested:
• 30 days or more – 100%
• 3 weeks (21+ days) – 75%
• 2 weeks (14+ days) – 50%
• 1 week (7+ days ) – 25%
• On-site utilities will be charged on “Deposit Required” weekends.
Minimum Stays:Memorial Day & Labor Day weekends require a 3-night minimum stay for 30 amp, 50 amp, & any river site reservations made prior to Friday. Walk-ins welcome.

There are no 3 day minimum stays or deposits required for holidays on most 20 amp. electric sites and tent sites with the exception of sites A-M and site near the river.

When 3 units or more make a non-holiday Reservation:
A minimum deposit of $100 is required within 7 days. Amount may vary depending on size of group.
Special HolidaysMemorial & Labor Day weekends are a 3 day minimum charge for 30 amp and 50 amp sites.
(No Fireworks with Noise)
On site utilitiesOn site utilities will be charged on “deposit required” weekends.
Site Pads
Electric sites are designed for a trailer and one vehicle. Tent sites have a short pad for only one vehicle. Additional vehicles must park across from the office or in the nearest designated parking lot. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the grass, on an empty site, around your site, or in the road. Utility or boat trailers are only allowed to park across from the office, and the office should be notified that you are parking there as it is only for temporary use. Anyone parking one of these for longer than the weekend should use our storage area at the prevailing rates. Please leave the other designated parking lots open for vehicles only.
Driving or parking on the grass is not allowed. Both the unit and vehicle must be parked on the gravel pad only. Trailers must back-up onto pad unless site is a pull-through. Pulling forward is not allowed, please request a pull-through site if desired during your reservation.
Please notify us of all vehicles coming upon making the reservation and again upon arrival so that we can inform you of the available parking options and prepare the best site for you.
For Reservations, Call or Request a Reservation Online.
Reservation Form